About Us

Welcome to Denali Poodles.

We are a family farm in Ontario, Canada committed to producing
quality and healthy Miniature and Toy Poodles. We take great pride in
the quality of dogs that we are able to produce, and we strive for all of
our dogs to be wonderful, healthy, and beautiful family members.
Great care and consideration is given to every planned litter, and we
breed to the CKC and AKC standards. We have only a few Poodles in
our home ensure that all of them are involved in the family and get the
individual attention they deserve.

We breed for health, temperament and type. If you are looking for a
new family member and quality, healthy and loving is what you are
looking for then please email us or leave us a phone message. Due to
the hours spent with our animals and children it is easier to get us on

All pets are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract, and non-breeding
Canadian Kennel Club registration (if not already spayed/neutered).
Health and beauty are extremely important to us as we are looking for
our next GREAT show dog and you are looking for your next GREAT
family member, a purebred Poodle not a Poo X.

We breed to better the breed. A quality show dog is not a runway
model, it's a regular poodle with good health, temperament and
conformation. This is not our living nor should it ever be. We spend
many hours with pedigrees and health reports before we breed a litter.
We do not breed a litter just to sell puppies. We have imported dogs
from England and Russia to create a bigger gene pool.

We are extremely passionate about our breed and have devoted the
last 20 yrs of our  lives to our passion. I am a past Secretary of the
Poodle Club of Canada. I am currently the Secretary of the Miniature
Poodle Club of Ontario and a director of the Poodle Club of Ontario.  
I am a proud member of the Canadian Kennel Club and breeder for

We welcome you to come and visit our family of dogs.  

                                                                 Carolyn Savage
                                                                         Denali Poodles